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I'm part of the air cadets and our local council is hosting a gravity cartie race. As none of us are experienced with anything to do with the subject, I thought I'd post this to recurve some general tips. We planned to use bmx wheels on the front and mountain bike ones on the back. If you have any helpful tips or pointers please post. Thanks
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re: air cadets cartie

General tips;

* Make it as aerodynamic as possible. Drag is going to be the thing that slows you down the most.

* The heavier it is, the faster it will go.

* Keep the centre of gravity as low as possible and  as close to the mid point between the front and rear wheels.

I'd be careful using MTB (24 inch?) wheels as they can be quite flexible and you might find they bend or even buckle when you go around corners. I'd suggest BMX wheels front and rear if possible - 48 spoke if you can get them.

Where and when is the race? We're always interested in finding new races. Is there a web site we can link to?


scottishcarties | August 22, 2012 - 08:58

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