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Border Bogies - Unofficial Results

MIRA Lindley SpecialBest Aggregate Time (Adults) : Slammer Mk III

Fastest Time of the Day : MIRA Lindley Special

Best Aggregate Time (Juniors) : Haggis Hunters

Best Engineered : Slammer Mk III

Team Tunbridge's 'MIRA Lindley Special' (pictured right) was easily the fastest cartie there, and a good 4 or 5 seconds quicker than its closest rivals, Slammer Mk III and Flying Ferret. However, it proved the old racing maxim "If you want to finish first, first you must finish", as its overall time was wrecked on the second run when it spun off into the bales just yards from the finish line.

Fortunately, for all the data geeks amongst us, there was a state of the art datalogger on board to record in minute detail the events leading up to its exit from the track, and driver Charles Armstrong-Wilson has written a really interesting piece to explain it in detail. It's got graphs and everything.



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Border Bogies - Entries Close on 18th May

The closing date for entries to the Border Bogie Challenge is 18th May 2009, so if you've not entered yet you'd best get your finger out. Download the entry forms from here.
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Border Bogies - Entries Open

Isaac NewtonEntries for the newest addition to the Scottish cartie racing calendar are now open. Set in the beautiful conservation village of Denholm in the heart of the Scottish Borders, the Border Bogie Challenge is looking for teams and promises a very warm Borders welcome and a slice of unrestricted madness. See for full details.
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You Wait Ages for a New Soapbox Race...

...and then two come along at once!

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme is the news that another new soapbox race is to be added to the UK calendar, and this one is in Scotland too. "Border Bogie Race" will be held on 23rd May in Denholm in the Scottish Borders. The course is approximately 2/3rds of a mile in length, and is "quite a good gradient ... 30 to 40 mph stuff". You can see a video of it here (also embedded below).

More details soon.



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Border Bogie Challenge, Denholm, Scottish Borders

Saturday 23rd May 2009
Saturday 23rd May 2009

Border BogiesThe Border Bogie Challenge takes place in the beautiful conservation village of Denholm in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Full details, rules, entry forms, etc, are available from The Border Bogie Challenge web site.

Entries close on 18th May 2009, so don't hang about if you want to take part!

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