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Team Rooket Back On Top

Hawklands Hill Run

Team Rooket opened up a useful 3 point lead at the top of the SCA Championship after their win at the Hawkands Hill Run last weekend. Their aggregate total distance of 2274m put them 228m ahead of Where's Me Spanners. They also took time to answer all the inquisitive peoples questions about their carties and chatted away generally with other competitors and spectators.

They were presented with the cup, winners rosette and £20 prize money, and they promptly donated the £20 prize money back to the charity funds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and MacMillan Cancer Care. The total rasied has not been finalised, but is though to be around £600.

The next race in the SCA Championship is the Drumlanrig Gravity Grand Prix at the end of August. With two races still left in the championship anything is still possible and even those teams that didn't attend Hawklands Hill still have a chance of lifting the trophy.

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Soapbox Racing on TV All Week

Red Bull Soapbox LondonIn the run up to the Red Bull Soapbox Race this Sunday, Dave will be giving sneak peeks at the competition with features on four of the teams taking part;

  • The Tube (three guys in finance who are outing their alter egos),
  • Piece Of Cake,
  • Team Thunderbird (trying to break the world record for the most ice lollies eaten in a set amount of time)
  • Team Spitphya (a 1920s style team).

With episodes stripped across the week, we’ll get a sneak peek into the competition itself, look at a small selection of the teams and follow their journey from build to race day. Stand by for thrills spills, design disasters and blood, sweat and tears in the lead-up till race day. 

The race itself will be shown at 4pm on Sunday 14th July.

Road To Red Bull Soapbox Race
Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July at 7pm on Dave

Red Bull Soapbox Race
Sunday 14th July at 4pm on Dave

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Hawklands Hill Run - SCA Champs Round #2

The second round of the SCA Championship is this Sunday at the Hawklands Hill Run near Glasgow.

This race is slightly different to the normal timed races, with the winner being the one who travels furthest down the course.  The course includes several features to test the skill and courage of the competitors and the handling of their vehicle.

The event is an open, but limited, series of competitions for non powered bogies, carties and sidecars to compete down a closed public roadway over a course of approximately 800m, and King of the Hill pushbike hill climb with various other activities including can shy, hoopla and treasure hunt, refreshments, etc.

Although the race is this Sunday there are still places available. Please contact the organisers directly if you would like to race.

For further details see or Stuart Sommerville email; or by telephone; 01555 894479 or 07809704137
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Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamlined Land Vehicles

Aerodynamic considerations are often overlooked when building a first racer, in favour of things that are easier to see and quantify. Teams will often spend much time and money on tyres, bearings and brakes and treat the shape of the bodywork as little more than aesthetics. Spoilers, wings, external cameras, etc, will be added because they "look cool" without any thought to the effect they will have on the cartie's overall drag. But physics says that aerodynamic drag is the most significant factor at speeds over about 20mph.

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Lanhydrock Dilly Cart Race Postponed

LanhydrockThe Lanhydrock Dilly Cart Race has been postponed until Saturday 13th July because of the poor weather forecast for last weekend.

Booking essential so please contact Alice for an application pack (01208 265278) and enjoy building your dilly cart.

Trophies sponsored by Francis Thomas (Garden Machinery-sales-service-repair) 01208 851191 and Paul Jones. Plus medals for everyone that has a go. £5 per driver.