Entry Fees

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Entry Fees

First off... Happy New Year to you all. Heres a simple query. I enter a lot of sword fencing competitions, you send in your entry fee and pretty much no matter what, death, injury, bereavement, work , if you cant make it to the competition no matter how much notice you give you dont get it back. Its normally only about £20 so its not a biggie. Whats the position with cartie events ? I understand that events are costly to run and the place you book may not be filled. I dont intend to enter lots of competions with the intention of pulling out but I do have some contracts which crop up at the weekends  (I m sure a lot of people have the same problem) often with a few weeks notice. I d like to plan my events for the year and any organisers comments would be help (youre a helpful bunch anyway)

If I have to send money off with no hope of seeing it again if I cant make the comp so be it, I understand costs and trouble involved. Anyway let me know what the score is .Thanks Rick

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re: entry fees

Hi Rick,

Happy new year to you too.

As with most things cartie, it really depends on the event and everyone handles things slightly differently depending on what they are aiming for. I guess one of the main differences between fencing competitions and cartie races is the lead time and organisation needed to compete. Although it's possible to do it much quicker, in general teams starting from scratch need several months to get a cartie built and ready to race, so if a team drops out just before the event it can be difficult to find aonther team to take the place.I'm also guessing that fencing competitions have lower costs and higher numbers of competitors, so the loss of a few competitors has little or no effect. 

That is especially unfortunate for oversubscribed events, as teams who take up a place and then drop out at the last minute also effectively deny a place to a team who may well have taken part if they had more notice.

Many of the event costs have to be paid in advance, and these costs rise as the event draws closer. If organisers refunded all fees, they could find themselves heavily out of pocket if a lot of teams were to withdraw in the last few weeks. As I said at the start, some events handle this differently, but for Cairngorm we no longer accept entries without fees, and £30 of the entry fee is a non-refundable deposit. If a team withdraws well in advance of the event, the team is refunded their entry fee minus the deposit. If the withdrawal is made close to the event, there is be no refund at all unless their place can be filled from the reserve list. Sometimes  - depending on the circumstances and at our discretion - we allow teams to let their entry carry over to the next event.

We try to be fair and reasonable, but we're usually working with pretty narrow margins and can't afford to be refunding large amounts of money through no fault of our own when we've paid out all the up front costs and made agreements with suppliers in good faith.

scottishcarties | January 4, 2012 - 12:10

Entry Fees

Hi Steve, thanks for the quick response. Just the the reply that I was expecting and hoping for. Fair and reasonable. I particularly like the idea of a non returnable part of the fee, as this deters ''reckless'' entry but helps people who enter in good faith and have to withdraw in reasonable time due to circumstances beyond their control (cartie wreck would be a good one). Do other competitions have a similar system I wonder ?. Im sure all competitors at all events understand that there are costs up front and ongoing that have to be met. I help run and organise a number of regional and national/comps and understand the problems of late withdrawals . Keep up the good work.
Rick (not verified) | January 4, 2012 - 20:33

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