Cartie virgin

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As I am compleatley new to gravity raceing & short on time, I need the fastest way to build a cart to get started.From a plan or maybe buying a ready built one.Wheres the best place to find one which is the simpilest  chassis to build from scratch? Is there a stock chassis to start from,don't want to spend loads of mony on it. I have all the tools ready but not much time,sorry for asking all of these questions ,my wife thinks I am a 56year old boy.Oh whats a tag do I need one?


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Hi Brian, welcome to

Hi Brian, welcome to the mad house. I think your quickest way is to purchase a cartie which is ready build to get you started then either develop it to your requirements or create a new one.

Sources for a second hand cartie would be Ebay, UKGSA form link from this web site or from this site.

If you want to build look at the web site below for how we built out first cartie.

Hope to see you on a hill soon. 


keep ir rubber side down

roo4 | August 28, 2011 - 11:49

cartie virgin

Thanks I like the look of the 2 bikes joined to gether,but for now if I can find a readey built one that will do to get started.I just missed the last race in Scotland found out to late.For years I have been coming down a road freewheeling home In my car.I will be useing this road to test out whatever I have built/bought. It's great fun trying to travel nearly 2 miles without the engine,so I have had a sort of practice.I think that a cartie would go much faster on the same strech of road.I will be looking around every were I go, for a suitable strech for a Northumberland race.We have plenty hills hear and the roads are very quiet so you never know.But fist thing is to get a cartie anyone reading this with one for sale ge in touch please.


gunnerman | August 28, 2011 - 16:32

Formula Gravity (

Formula Gravity ( ) make cartie chassis, parts and kits. They are not cheap compared to building your own but can, with appropriate bodywork (not supplied in the kit) be built into a fast and very competitive cartie.
lee (not verified) | August 28, 2011 - 18:31
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carties for sale

Hi Brian,

I know someone who was thinking of selling his cartie - I'll get in touch and see if it's still available.

What time scale are you working to? 

scottishcarties | August 29, 2011 - 08:35

Thanks for the replies,lots

Thanks for the replies,lots of time but then I have lots to do house car kids houses.The ready built cartie is more than I pay for most road cars. I would be interested in any parts or a ready built cartie would be better .Had a look on fleabay but nothing of interest and i am not sure which are the best parts for the job. I need to know which wheels etc to look for if I have to build one.

Thanks Brian

gunnerman | August 29, 2011 - 10:38
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Cartie building

If you're in Northumberland, why not come along to the Screwfix Gokart heat this Saturday (3rd September 2011) at Surf the Turf near Sedgwick in Cumbria. There will be a few teams from Scotland there who you can chat to and have a look at their carties to see what they're using.

The de-facto standard these days are 20" BMX wheels - nearly everyone uses them as they are strong, easy to source and there is a good selection of tyres. If you stub mount them then you'll need at least 14mm spindles. 

Steering assemblies (push rods, columns, etc) often come from gokarts.

scottishcarties | August 29, 2011 - 11:18

New chassis

If I can't find a ready built cartie are there any plans,for building one?The chassis useing two bikes look promising.Seen some but a close up of the chassis would help.I'll be going to Cumbria this week hope the wether improves.


gunnerman | August 31, 2011 - 12:04
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Cartie plans

It depends what kind of event you're aiming for really. Do you have any particular event in mind?

There are a few plans and even some kits available on the internet for basic carties, but these are only really suitable for relatively low speed events and you certainly wouldn't want to go down Cairngorm in one. They'd be fine for "fun races" though.

Have a look at and for some inspiration. Also, the book "The Soapbox Bible" has some good basic and slightly more advanced designs, although again I wouldn't fancy going much above 20mph in them.

For more advanced stuff I'm afraid I don't know of any published plans. Almost everyone does their own design and build.


scottishcarties | August 31, 2011 - 14:19

Cartie plans

I built the wooden ones 45years ago even a three wheeler as we didn't have 4.I have found a bike on fleabay like the one I have only the seller says pick up only.It over 100miles away so I will ask him if he will dimantle & send it in bits.Looks like the bike frame  chassis is the one so far.I havn't got the b=== for a sidecar job now to old by 30 years but not dead.


gunnerman | August 31, 2011 - 18:38
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cartie for sale

Hi Brian,

I emailed you contact details of a bloke who has one for sale (this one) - did you get the email?


scottishcarties | August 31, 2011 - 19:59

If you are looking for bike

If you are looking for bike stuff cheap - I have quite a few bits frames forks, etc etc in the garage. Regarding the cheap bike on ebay -where is it. Someone might be passing by and pick it up for you to collect at an event??
azuma | August 31, 2011 - 20:59

Thanks for all the help I

Thanks for all the help I came across this is it the specs for this formula we are in?     The bike on fleabay is at  Royston I have one the same so that would keep the cost down.It has coils as I would want to have susspesion on at least the back to start with.The front could be done if I have time or later if I don't.I might be going off the deep end thats the way I do things. It will need a better driver than me to get the best out of it.I was rubbish at 10th rc cars I used to be passed at least 2x every race.I'll let you know about the bike I'm waiting for a message.Got email thanksTongue out


gunnerman | August 31, 2011 - 22:36
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Cartie rules

I wouldn't use the Formula Gravity rules if I were you. They are very out of date and I don't know of any races actually using them. The dimensions tend to be bigger now and the minimum eyeline has been dropped.

Most events have their own rules, although all the races in scotland use rules that are similar.

Check out for the most stringent requrements currently in use - if you can meet these you'll be able to run at most races. There is a summary of some of the rules in use at

What event(s) are you planning to compete in?

scottishcarties | August 31, 2011 - 22:49

Cartie parts

Hello sorry I missed out the Cumbria event looks like it was a lot of fun.Not got very far with finding parts I was after a caracen oxide as I allready have one to use.  260855784630 I found some wheels on fleabay  in Manchester the seller will not send them,are these right for the job.If I get them can someone pick them up please? I send thing like this useing Myhermes couriers who are great any help would be great. I need to get started on this ASAP.


gunnerman | September 21, 2011 - 16:04

Why not sell the saracen and

Why not sell the saracen and use the funds to buy the bits you want / need, rather that trying to match what you have. The ones one ebay are Not exactly the best wheels in the world - seen one of these "pringle" quite easily at Belchford. Best if can use BMX 20" wheels these will stand up to far more abuse - the down side is getting them with discs. Depends on your funds and skills really. I have quite a few spares kicking about, and will be visiting newcastle area in October. I have a couple of BMX frames hanging up waitng for projects that may never happen. 
azuma | September 21, 2011 - 18:21

Projects ye still finishing

Projects ye still finishing lots at 56 will I ever finish all of them no chance,have you seen the wheels are thry worth having,II will most likely use the spring shock from the saracen as it's the only parts worth saving I need an other & would be useing 20" wheels like you say.The swing arm is ready made I have some drawing on how to use them for the bottom rail of the chassis. I am going back to school to have some lessons on tig welding.You never stop lerning still can't spell but working on that aswell.


gunnerman | September 21, 2011 - 22:47
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ebay wheels and parts

They look OK to me, although it's hard to tell without seeing them in real life. Good price though, and in fact I nearly bought them myself but for the fact he won't deliver. Worth it just for the hubs, really. Only down side it that is looks like they ar quick release spndles so no use for stub mounting - you'd need to put them in forks or swing arms.

On the subject of swing arms and other parts, check out Bankrupt Bikes on ebay. They often have swing arms on their own.

scottishcarties | September 22, 2011 - 14:28

Just weighed in piles of

Just weighed in piles of scrap stuff at the weekend along with a couple of swing arms -  needed a clearout. Regarding the wheels on ebay look good, but not good quality really - got a pair on a bike I'm stripping down. Gonna look at the hubs and see if they can be modded in anyway. Its not gonna happen this week, or next, busy stripping down a Ford P100.

azuma | September 22, 2011 - 21:08

Dalbey Forest

Any body going to N Yorkshire? this weekend,we are going down for a few days & should be going to the event. Anyone have some 20" wheels I still need some to start on my machine could pick them up at the event PLEASE. Is there wheel chair access I might need mine I can walk a  bit but not that far, would they let me go down the hill in it?           Laughing


gunnerman | September 27, 2011 - 13:20
scottishcarties's picture

Dalby Forest

Sorry but you've missed it - Dalby forest Soapbox was last month. Next one is 4th & 5th  Aug 2012.
scottishcarties | September 27, 2011 - 13:35

Doh don't trust someone

Doh don't trust someone that's  dislexiick,well next year maybe.Mesure twice cut once,and still get it wroung.Laughing


gunnerman | September 27, 2011 - 18:42

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