"The Cheats" Clean Up at Catterline

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Tequila Slammer MkII

The Cheats - Won despite collecting a cone
The Bandit

The Bandit - Collecting vegetation and bending wheels

"The Cheats" decided not to use their new cartie - the Slammer MkIII - and instead chose the more manoeuvrable MkII version to run at the 2009 Catterline Cartie Challenge, and the decision paid off when they won both the Connons Shield for single fastest time of the day and the Constructors Trophy for best aggregate time - a feat they managed despite collecting a five second penalty for taking a cone several yards down the course.

It was a close competition, and, with two runs completed, Robert Lindsay was in first place for fastest time and Tea Weasel's "Flying Ferret" had the best aggregate time, but both slipped up in the final run of the day to let the Cheats take both prizes. There was disappointment for Firstdrive Cars "Bandit", which had two runs that were quicker than anything else on the hill, but also had two 5 second penalties on every run and so finished well down the field overall. Consolation was had, however, with their disasterous first run. Although it was hopeless from a competitive point of view, it was awarded the "Spirit of the Carties" trophy for gathering a large amount of vegetation in the process of trying to navigate the tight and twisty course.

Full results are available from the Catterline Cartie Challenge web site.

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