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The Recumbent

The Recumbent. Fourth place at Cairngorm, and now up for sale. Picture courtesy of Aaron Sneddon

With the growth in popularity of soapbox cartie in Scotland, a small market for second hand carties is starting to develop. To make it easier for people to buy and sell carties, we've set up a section on the Forum where potential buyers and sellers can post their details.

There are two carties in the for sale section already - The Bandit and The Recumbent - both built by Jim Ewen. Both are good machines with a pedigree behind them.The Bandit posted the fastest times at the 2009 Catterline Cartie Challenge, although was denied victory because of penalties applied for hitting the slalom cones. The Recumbent took part in Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme and made it through to the final, finishing 4th overall.

These carties offer an ideal way to get in to gravity racing with the minimum of expense and effort, and both are priced to sell at a very reasonable £50 each so don't delay if you are interested as they won't be available for long!

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