Avon Dassett Soap Box Derby, Warwickshire

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Saturday 20th June 2015
Saturday 20th June 2015

Avon Dassett SoapboxThe Avon Dassett Annual Soap Box Derby will take place on Saturday 20th June 2015.

  • CLASS 1: 4 Wheelers
  • CLASS 2: 3 Wheelers
  • CLASS 3: Sidecar outfits
  • CLASS 4: Formula Libre (completely free from regulations but must pass scrutineering,  including brake test).

For further details, please contact the organisers directly.

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Avon Dassett soap box derby.

In spite of The Avon being closed currently,the event is most definitely on!

A bar is being organised along with catering and toilet facilities. It's a great day out for all,and I'm looking forward to seeing old and new entrants.

There is no need for a chicane this year,our "water feature" has been dealt with! The hill is in good condition,so speeds will be high.Good brakes are a must! 

velocipete | March 23, 2015 - 14:09

Avon Dassett soapbox derby.

Just a reminder that this great event is most definately on!

Entry forms can be downloaded  from either the organisers,details in the above post,

or from the Avon Dassett village website.Hoping for good weather as the hill is in fine

condition,and we should see some superb racing. 

This years supported charities are BLESMA  and Macmillan. 

velocipete | May 27, 2015 - 07:59

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